Monday, June 1, 2009

No Cardio

This morning I got up and had my second attempt at a breakfast cookie, which turned out much better the second time. I think it was due to the fact that I had used better peanut butter this time and I also added chocolate chips. Even with the yummy breakfast, I was still exhausted when I got to pilates with Nicole at 8 this morning. Nicole has her first test for the teacher training on Friday, so we mostly went through the beginner system, with one or two intermediate things thrown in there for my fun and enjoyment, I'm sure.

I actually feel as though I'm getting a little bit better at some things, namely the roll-ups. I wouldn't say I'm anywhere near good at them, but at least I'm not as horrible as I was when I started, so it's nice to see some improvement.

I had to hurry after the class and change so that I could go re-sign my apartment lease for another year. Afterward, I enjoyed a nice leisurely stroll through the park to work and got in a nice 2.7 mile walk. I think that's a pretty good day for a cardio day off.

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