Friday, June 5, 2009

No Mental Stamina

This afternoon I lucked into a pilates session with Nicole. It was a really fantastic way to break up a Friday at work. It ended up just being me in the session (our other co-worker couldn't come at the last minute), so it was nice to have the individual attention, even though there were a few times that I was wishing there was something else to distract her! I feel like I must be getting a little bit better at my least favorite move (the roll-ups) because we did a couple of similar moves and the tone of Nicole's voice when she exclaimed, "Good! That's really good!" when I could actually do the moves had a bit of surprise in it.

The weather is still a disaster here. I'm thinking that it's all a conspiracy against me and my training. It's now been raining for at least the last 12 hours. Enough all ready! After work, I had a few errands to run, so I walked all over the place in the rain, which wasn't that fun. Although it was a decent walk (approximately 3 miles) I was ready to get out of the rain by the time I was done. Especially since I walked all the way over to the UPS package pick-up station and my package had been returned to the sender!

I then headed over to the gym to get a run in. By the time I got there I think I was so frustrated with UPS and the rain that I wasn't really in the mood to go run on a treadmill. But that's what I did. I was really not into it. I tried. I really, really tried to be excited about it. I had even put my new (partially ready) playlist on my iPod and I had my fancy new headphones, but none of that was really helping. I barely made it 2 miles before I had just had enough. I will say that I ran those 2 miles in 19:46 (9:52 pace), so it wasn't a total disaster. I forced myself to stay on the treadmill for a half hour and just walked the rest of the time. Total distance: 2.68 miles in 30:00 minutes. Looking back on it, I should have just given in completely and done the elliptical machine. I know I could have done a lot better on that.

There is some hope, though. The weather is supposed to clear up tomorrow, which is great since I'll be at the Belmont. I certainly don't want to have to sit in the rain for that. Plus, I fully intend on winning a million dollars at the races! The upside is that if I do win big, I'll just go ahead and buy myself a bike trainer so I can ride inside.

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