Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sprint Triathlon Distance Bike? Check.

Last night I could not fall asleep and stayed up watching TV way too late. That meant that I couldn't drag myself out of bed before work for a workout. Which was probably okay considering the fact that it was raining. I headed off to work for the day and had packed a bag for hitting the gym later on.

I ended up going to the gym after work and as a special surprise, Drew was able to join me! He wasn't stuck at work until all hours of the night. It was a nice treat for both of us, I think. I had been planning on riding the bike today. When we got to the gym all of the cardio bikes were occupied! How weird is that? They seem like they are usually the last choice of everyone at the gym besides me. I went upstairs to check on the status of the spinning bikes, but there was a class in there. By the time I got back downstairs, one of the cardio bikes had opened up.

Of course, I get on the bike and I realized why it was available. Every time that you pedaled the bike there was an annoying squeaking sound. Luckily, two minutes into my ride, the bike next to me opened up, so I quickly switched over. I set the bike on the random hill setting and put the bike at level 10. Then I started reading my book and just kept pedaling like I was actually going somewhere.

About 35 minutes into my ride, Drew snuck up behind me and said that he was heading to the stretching area. I finished up and did an even 40 minutes on the bike and went 14.2 miles total. That's 21.3 MPH average. What?!? How is that even possible from my little legs? Drew is convinced that I will go a lot faster during the triathlon than I do in the park or other rides since there won't be crazy people in the road or lights or anything else in my way. I'm hoping that he's right. Either way, at least I completed the distance tonight. It wasn't a "real" bike ride, but with the hill settings, I feel like it's not too bad.

I seem to be doing this triathlon in reverse since tomorrow morning I'm going to meet Laura for a swim at a fancy pool that is having a promotion where you can go and try it out for a week for free. I'll report back on the sprint distance swim tomorrow.

4o minutes 14.2 miles

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  1. I've found that with most tri's (I am a beginner) I do perform better... but it's hard to keep the energy reigned in so I have enough at the end! Good luck to you!