Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Family Hike

This morning everyone was feeling pretty lazy and I just decided to go along with the group. Also, my calves were feeling pretty tired, which I think might be from running on the beach barefoot, but all I really needed was a reason to sleep in and now I had two.

Our vacation activity for today was a hike around Reid Lake. We all piled into the car and headed off with our water bottles and bug spray. We got to the trail head and sprayed ourselves pretty well with bug spray and headed off.

Almost immediately, I was getting attacked by bugs and I had to use my aunt's deet bug spray instead of my mom's family-friendly version, which didn't deter the bugs completely, but did make them think twice before landing on me. The path was really well-groomed, which made it nicer for my grandpa to walk along.

My brother, aunt, cousin and I started walking ahead of my mom and my grandpa. At some point, we got quite a ways ahead and my aunt went back to check on their progress. We waited for a while and then my mom appeared and said that my aunt had taken my grandpa back to the car.

My mom, brother, cousin and I continued on along the path and reached the lake and then hiked around the lake. I'm not really sure of the distance that we hiked in total, but we were out there for just about two hours.

It was a fun but tiring family afternoon. Everyone got back to the cottage and took a bit of a nap!

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