Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hello Hamstring!

This morning I got up and headed over to the Terrier run. I slept in a few minutes more than I should have, so I was running a little bit late. I started walking there, but once I got to the park, I realized that I would probably have to pick up the pace and jog a little bit in order to get there on time. Almost as soon as I started jogging, I noticed a pain in my right hamstring. I got to the meeting spot and tried to stretch it as much as I could while we waited for practice to start. It definitely felt really tight when I was trying to stretch, but I thought I would just keep going and see how things progressed.

We did the usual stride drills with skipping, high knees, regular strides, etc. Then Spencer gave us our workout. The Sprint/Olympic group was supposed to do the following: 2 loops of the lower park loop (from 72nd Street to the bottom of the park and back). The first loop at 80% and the second loop at 85%. Then we were supposed to do 6 x 200s fast at 95% effort. The recovery would be a jog back to the start. Spencer said that he didn't care how slowly we were jogging as long as we didn't walk. If we walked, we'd have to do an extra one.

However, we all started out on the two-loop run and I knew almost immediately that my hamstring wasn't feeling any better. I decided that instead of pressing my luck, I should head home and put some ice on it and hope that would make it better instead of worse. Since it hurt the entire walk home, I think I made the right decision. I went home and put some ice on it for a while, hoping that would be a magic cure. Of course, it wasn't. It's still not feeling that great. I'm hoping that doing my yoga DVD tonight and a nice swim tomorrow will do the trick. Otherwise, I might start to get worried about the run portion of Westchester (as if I wasn't already!).

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  1. I'm sorry about your hamstring! Don't start worry about the race yet, you've got plenty of time.

    PS I tried to comment yesterday, but blogspot rejected my login for some reason.