Monday, August 31, 2009

Pinky Ball Pilates

So, I had an extremely busy weekend that didn't include any "real" workouts, but I unpacked and moved around a lot of boxes, so I think it's just about the same. I mean, I definitely got sweaty and was on my feet most of the day, so I definitely wasn't off slacking. We're still not all the way done unpacking Drew's stuff, but I'm hoping by the end of the week we can be a lot closer to finished.

This morning I met Nicole for pilates. Laura sent us a text saying that she was having train trouble and shed be a few minutes late. I swear it's because she knew what Nicole was planning for the first 10 minutes of our session.

Nicole had told me about these pinky balls a while ago saying that she had wanted to try them out with me & Laura. Basically, it's a ball slightly smaller than a tennis ball that you let rest in your belly button and then you can't let it move while your doing the exercises. It doesn't sound too hard, but you absolutely cannot cheat and not squeeze your abdominal muscles if you want the ball to stay stationary. My stomach was exhausted pretty quickly.

We spent the whole class doing mat and tower exercises. I liked this class better than Friday's because it was easier for me to have Nicole just giving both me & Laura one set of directions. By the time we had almost reached the end of the class, my tummy was so tired I had to take a 30-second breather. I always feel bad when that happens, but sometimes after sucking in and up so much, I just need to let it out and breathe normally!

So, since I was not the best at cardio this past weekend, I am going to try to write down my workout plan for the week here so that I will hopefully feel more motivated and accountable as the week goes on to stick to it regardless of weather or other circumstances.

Monday: Pilates (done!)
Tuesday: Terrier Run (website says it should be about a 3.5 mile run)
Wednesday: Bike Ride (hopefully at least 18 miles)
Thursday: Terrier Brick (website says bike for an hour with cadence of 95+ / run for 20 minutes)
Friday: Swim (aiming for 2000+ yards)
Saturday: Run (hopefully with my friend Ann who will be visiting for the long weekend!)

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