Sunday, August 23, 2009

Running With A Bad Breakfast And A Bad Attitude

Yesterday, I finished up my vacation with one more swim. The weather had cooled off (the high was only about 63 instead of in the 80s like it had been). That made the lake pretty freezing. I ended up conning my brother to go with me. Because I felt like I had a limited window on his agreeing to swim, I didn't bring any techie gear with me and therefore have no stats. I can tell you we didn't stay in very long before we were both turning blue. I would have liked to have gone for a longer swim, but it just wasn't happening. We lost feeling in our feet almost immediately and when I got back to the cottage and took a (hot) shower, I just stood there for quite a long time waiting for feeling to return.

Today we drove back to my mom's house and I did some laundry and took a nap. Then I got up and got my act together and drove over to my friend Ann's house. I had asked her if she wanted to go for a run with me and she agreed to a 5-mile run near her house. I had wanted to do a bit longer, but she's still recovering from a broken ankle and her knee is now bothering her, so she said 5 was her limit. I took what I could get since I wasn't so keen on running in the first place. At least having a friend would make it better.

Part of my problem today was that while we were driving back from the cottage, we were all hungry and stopped and had McDonald's for breakfast. I almost never eat fast food and it never really sits well with me, so I knew I might not feeling 100% later on for my run. I then made it worse by coming home and taking a nap and not drinking anything for most of the afternoon and when I woke up, I had popcorn as a pre-running snack. All of that made me feel sick while running and therefore gave me a bad attitude and made me want to quit running. Good to know what foods I should not eat pre-race!

In all today, we had an okay run. I made us walk a couple of times (due to sick feeling). Towards the ends my calves started to cramp and we walked the last 3/4 of a mile. The total run was almost exactly 5.0 miles, which we completed in 52:17 (10:27 pace). Seriously, if I could learn to run continuously, I think I might actually be running at a decent pace. I just don't like to do it. I'm getting a little worried again about Westchester, but I'm also trying to remind myself that the last couple runs where I actually felt okay were after biking, so I'm hoping for the best. And if I have to walk a little bit during the race, it will not be the end of the world!

Calories: 682
Maximum HR: 189
Average HR: 173

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  1. Ugh, I completely know how you feel with McDonalds sitting in your stomach.

    I really like the heart rate monitor. I'm still getting used to it, but so far, so good!