Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's A Prime Number!

Yesterday afternoon the swim waves for Westchester came out. I found out that I'm in Wave 8 (out of 10 waves). I had been really nervous about the swim waves because I was worried that if I was in a later wave, I wouldn't have enough time to finish the bike course. Everyone, regardless of when you start, has to be off the bike course by 10:30. My wave should start around 7:24, which should be more than enough time to swim and bike by 10:30 (and even if I should get a flat tire, I think I'd still be okay).

Even though I was feeling better by the time I figured out that I should have more than enough time, I still got all panicky and sick-feeling in my tummy. I think a lot of it is the fact that I've been planning for this for over 7 months now and I cannot believe that it's almost here. I've decided that I should just embrace all these nervous jitters and hope that I can get a lot of them out of my system prior to Sunday morning. I know I'll still be nervous and anxious on that morning, but I'm hoping to be less so than I normally would have been.

Yesterday after work I went to pick up my race packet. I had found out when the swim waves were posted that I would be number 1093. Not such a bad number. It's a prime number, which I found to be quite comforting. Since my number is indivisible, it must mean that I am also indivisible and can't be too beat down by the end of the race. Turns out that 1093 is also a Wieferich prime number, and there are only two known Wieferich primes. Must mean that I'm pretty special since I really don't understand the rest of that math mumbo-jumbo.

When I was picking up my packet, they put this really awesome bracelet on all of the athletes:

It's so that we can all get into and out of transition and that non-athletes can't sneak in, but I will say that I'm not so keen on wearing this around for the next 4 days. It's hard to take myself seriously. Laura's take was more that it was a badge of honor and bragging rights, but I'm not sure I share that same sentiment.

Today I decided to take as a rest day. There was a brief period where I discussed swimming with Laura, but she decided not to trek to the city super early, which meant that I got to sleep in! I did awake with a start at 7:00 to be a little worried that it was already light outside and I wasn't already awake. I really felt like I was forgetting something this morning and then I couldn't fall back to sleep once I was up. I did, however, spend the next 45 minutes just lounging around in bed, because I figured if I wasn't going to sleep, I should at least keep resting.

My plan for the rest of the week is to do the Terrier brick tomorrow and go for a quick run on Friday and then just keep holding out hope that it doesn't rain on Sunday morning. It's looking like there is a good chance for rain, but I'm hoping that it will come in the afternoon instead of the morning.

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