Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Usual, But Colder

This morning was the usual Terrier brick. It was the second to last brick of the season, which makes me both happy and sad. Happy because I am ready for a little bit of a break, but sad because I really like the brick workouts.

However, I am glad that the bricks are coming to and end because it was quite chilly out there this morning. I had laid out my clothes last night and didn't really think about the weather at the time. When I got outside on my bike, I really wasn't that happy that I was only wearing short-sleeves. The fact that I was only wearing shorts was okay, but man-oh-man did my arms get cold!

Robert wasn't at practice this morning, but he had given one of my teammates the workout. It was actually the same cadence workout we had done on September 3. Since my cadence monitor doesn't work and I could barely see it last time anyway, I just decided I would do two loops in the park.

The vast majority of the first loop I was fairly unhappy. It wasn't even really the cold, although that didn't help matters any. It was more that I'm just really tired. My legs are tired, I'm tired, and I just wasn't having fun. I even took yesterday as a rest day and I'm still tired.

By the time I got around and was starting the second loop, I was feeling a lot better. I was warmer and I was more "in the groove" than I had been on the first loop. I ate a little bit of my Clif bar on the bike, mostly just to keep practicing eating on the bike. I noticed that because it was so much cooler, I didn't really drink much on the bike. I think if the race weather is like this morning, I'll have to remind myself that even though I don't feel very thirsty, I still need to keep drinking. My total bike for today was 12.36 miles in 51:30 (14.4 MPH average).

When I got done with the bike and was changing into my running shoes, I saw that Lisa was also changing her shoes and getting ready for the run. We ran the lower loop together, which was nice to have a running buddy. I finally warmed up all the way on the run, so I felt a lot better. We were supposed to run for 20 minutes, but when we got back to where we had (almost) started from, her watch made a beeping sound and I asked if that meant we could stop. She said that it was actually that it wasn't working so well, but we stopped anyway. I don't even feel bad about stopping a few minutes early as I'm going to justify it by saying that I'm supposed to be tapering. We ran 1.68 miles in 15:11 (9:02 pace).

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