Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sweating Makes Me Cold

My plan for this morning was to get up really early and go for a bike ride, but that didn't happen. Instead, Drew and I spent the morning and early afternoon running errands. We then headed off to the gym. I asked him if he was going to lift weights and he said yes. I didn't really think I wanted to do any leg lifting, but I'd do some arm lifts, so he said that he would do that too.

We got to the gym and did a quick 5 minutes on the treadmill. I went 0.57 miles (8:46 pace) in my 5:00. Then we headed over to the weights. I was thinking that I wouldn't do anything too crazy because this week is supposed to be rather restful, but Drew pushed me a little harder than I really wanted to be pushed. I know in the long run, that's how to grow big muscles is to increase the weight you're lifting, but that really wasn't my goal for today.

This is what I did:

Seated Row
12 reps @ 50 lbs
12 reps @ 60 lbs
8 reps @ 70 lbs

Lat Pull Down
12 reps @ 60 lbs
8 reps @ 70 lbs
8 reps @ 70 lbs

Dumbbell Rows
3 sets of 12 reps @ 15 lbs (3 sets right arm, 3 sets left arm)

3 sets of 10 reps @ 12.5 lbs (in each hand)

6 reps @ 25 lbs (in each hand)

Somewhere around the last set of curls, I realized that I had probably done enough, if not too much. When we started doing the shrugs, I realized that it would be a really bad idea for me to keep going. That's why I only did 6 of them. I actually really wanted to keep going, but I just don't need my arms to take 3 days to recover this week. I have big plans for weightlifting starting in October, but I need to get through this triathlon first!

After I gave up on the weight lifting, we agreed we would do a half an hour of cardio. Drew went over to the Arc trainer, which isn't really something I like at all. I decided to hit the treadmill instead. I did 25 minutes running and went 2.75 miles (9:05 pace). I then walked the last 5 minutes as a cool down because I was sweating all over the place. In the 30 minutes, I went 3.05 miles (9:50 pace). Really happy with that pacing. I want to be able to walk through the aid stations on the run during the race so that I can actually drink the water instead of just having it slop down my shirt. I'm glad to know that I can definitely walk for a while and still have good pacing.

In total, with the warm-up, I did 35 minutes on the treadmill and went 3.62 miles (9:40 pace).

I only used the HR monitor on the treadmill, not during the weight lifting, but here are stats:
Calories: 406
Maximum HR: 185
Average HR: 165

After we were done with the cardio, we headed over to the stretching area. It looked like I had sweat through my shirt even more than Drew had. I didn't know I was so sweaty all the time! We only wore our t-shirts and shorts to the gym, so walking home was really cold and a reminder that when you sweat, it definitely does its job of cooling you down. The only problem was that I was working out in a warm gym, not in the cool outdoor weather!

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