Tuesday, April 28, 2009

73 Is Warmer Than 28 Or 38

This morning was the group Terrier run. The weather has vastly improved since the last time I went! I walked about half of the way to the meeting spot (0.8 miles) and jogged part of the way (0.6 miles). When I got there I could tell that my heel wasn't 100% comfortable so I was really going to play it safe and only do the strides work-out and skip the main workout.

Right away we got a talking to by the coach saying that we need to be doing a long run once a week and use that as a foundation for the Tuesday runs, not the other way around. The Tuesday workout is not the most important workout of the week for running. After that, we headed over to do the strides. I think they were somewhere around 0.8 miles total, although I could be a little off on that. I didn't keep track of how many we did exactly, so that's my best guess. I really tried to listen to all of the tips about form and incorporate them into the drills.

After the drills, the coach again gave us a mini-lecture saying that a lot of us are lacking flexibility and core strength. He said that we need to make sure we get into the gym and work on our lower abdominals and lower back strength. Although I didn't make it to the gym yesterday, I do feel good about the pilates workout since that is the main focus. It also makes me realize that I need to get back to yoga as well.

The main workout for the group was a hill run. After listening to the description, I really wanted to try the work-out, but I knew that I shouldn't push things and I just headed home. I jogged most of the way home (0.7 miles) and walked from Columbus Circle home (0.5 miles). The jogging part on the way home I completed in 7 minutes, so if I'm doing about a 10-minute mile pace right now, that seems okay with me.

Total, I think that the running portion for today was 2.1 miles and walking was 1.3 for a grand total of 3.4 miles.

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