Friday, April 17, 2009

Rubber in the Pool

This morning I met Laura at the pool for a swim. She had mentioned last night that she was going to bring her wetsuit and wear that while swimming, so I figured that I might as well don my suit as well. At least we would look funny together.

I got to the pool first and started putting on my suit. I had some thoughts running through my head that if she didn't show up that I might actually do her physical harm if I got into that thing and then had to swim by myself. Luckily, she got there just a couple minutes later. The other very lucky thing was that she had made a reservation for us this morning, otherwise we would have been stuck on the pool deck since it was very crowded this morning. As it was, the lifeguard had to kick some people out of the pool so that we could swim. The problem really was that there was a family from the hotel using one lane. If they hadn't been there, I think everything would have worked out okay.

I definitely learned a couple things today about my suit. I think the first is that I need to pull it up a bit higher into my crotch. I thought it was pretty good but once I got in the water I could tell right away that it should have been more snug. The second is that since it's sleeveless there is a lot of water that is coming in the armholes. Laura suggested that this might be because the suit is actually too big for me, which I find very hard to believe.

I definitely felt more buoyant in the water and I'm not going to worry about the water getting in through the arm holes for now. At least for this first sprint triathlon, this wetsuit is going to be more than adequate.

In total, I swam 60 lengths in 26 minutes. That's equal to 0.61 miles. I could tell that I'm still not over this cold and I wasn't going as hard as I have been in prior swims. I think that's probably okay as I'd prefer not to over do it.

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  1. For my first tri, I wore a borrowed surfing wetsuit! It did its job and kept me warm even if it restricted my stroke a lot. I'm really excited to see how I do in my next race in comparison.