Thursday, April 30, 2009

Average Speeds

This morning I met Drew for a ride in the park. I was a little embarrassed because there I was wearing my (new) Terrier biking vest and there were all the Terriers doing their brick workouts ... and I wasn't. I'm too nervous to do them with the group right now because I feel like I'm too slow and I also really want to try it on my own and see how the jelly legs are before I do it with the group.

I'm really, really happy because my speed seems to have increased a little bit from last weekend, so that seems like I'm on the right track. I'm hoping if I just keep working at it, it'll just get better little by little.

This was the ride:
Ride to the park: 1.60 miles / approx. 10 minutes to get there / 9.6 MPH (average)
First loop around the park: 6.17 miles / 24:09 minutes / 15.3 MPH (average)
Second loop around the park: 6.08 miles / 25.02 minutes / 14.6 MPH (average)
Ride from park home: 1.64 miles / 9:28 minutes / 10.5 MPH (average)

Total ride: 15.49 miles

Not surprising that my first loop was faster. I knew the second time (especially on the Harlem hill) that I wasn't going as fast. I also am now seriously considering the investment into shoes and pedals since I have to keep reminding myself to "push and pull, push and pull". It's really easy to forget to do that, but it makes it a lot easier when I do remember.

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