Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yoga, Pilates & a Cold

So, I've been a bad blogger this week because I've been bad at working out. This cold that I got has pretty much knocked me out. On Tuesday I ate dinner right after work, went home and changed into my work-out clothes, sat down on the couch to digest a little bit and woke up at 7:57 am on Wednesday morning. Obviously, I must have needed the rest, but it was a little frustrating to wake up so late on Wednesday that I couldn't even use the work-out clothes I had been wearing all night!

Wednesday evening I decided to "embrace my sickness" and not push myself too much. I'd rather get over this than drag it on any more. So, instead of going to the gym, I just went ahead and did my yoga DVD at home.

This morning I met Nicole for our first pilates session. I didn't really know what to expect since I had never done pilates before (well, that's not entirely true - I did do a mat DVD with my mom a few times before, but nothing with the reformer). I think the space was more of a surprise to me than anything else. I just thought that there would be several small rooms with the equipment more individualized, but everything was pretty much out in the open. Because there was a pretty full house, we didn't get to do everything that Nicole wanted to teach me on the reformer, but I think I got a fairly good overview of most of the equipment (reformer, tower & chair). We're going to start meeting on Monday mornings, which is absolutely perfect for me. Mondays are supposed to be my cardio off-day, so that will fit into my schedule and should be a pretty good substitute if I don't always make it to the gym for the optional strength workouts.

After today's workout, my abs are still in shock from the whole thing, but I they'll get over it. I learned that with this one-on-one workout stuff it's almost impossible to cheat, which is a good thing.

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  1. Sorry you've been sick! I'm impressed that you did your yoga, I probably would have slacked and taken the day off completely. The pilates sounds interesting, I took a class for a while in college, but didn't stick with it. My trainer has us do a lot of pilates-based core work, so I can commiserate with the ab pain.