Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another New Bike!

Today I met Drew at Toga (LBS) where he was picking up his new bike! He copied me and got a Specialized, but his red so we're not too matchy. He didn't get any supplies for his saddle bag yet, so I guess right now he's relying on me to fix any flats that he gets.

We didn't have time for a long ride today since we were going to the Yankee game in the late afternoon. We just went from Toga half-way around the Park loop and exited at 90th Street on the East side.

I hope that I never ever have to ride in the Park on a Saturday afternoon ever again. It was horrible. It was a bunch of leisure bike riders who are zig-zagging back and forth in the lane. Not to mention all the walkers, runners and pedi-cabs.

When we were getting to 90th, Drew asked if I wanted to go around the loop again. Although I wanted to mentally my lungs said no. It is pretty amazing how a cold just lingers in your chest for quite a while.

My total distance today was 4.71 miles.

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