Friday, April 24, 2009

Smaller Shoes or Bigger Orthotics?

Today I was supposed to walk in my orthotics for two hours. I figure the first hour of that was walking to and from work. Walking to work, I was wearing my new running shoes and still having the same problem as yesterday. The orthotics are sliding around in the shoes and I'm walking on the back edge, which isn't very comfortable.

When I got home from work, I decided to change shoes and wear my older shoes that are a 1/2 size smaller than the new shoes to see if that would remedy the problem. It worked like a charm. The only problem is that in general the new shoes are more comfortable than the old shoes. I'm guessing that I might need bigger orthotics so that they don't slide around in my new shoes. I have another appointment in three weeks, but I might call on Monday to see if I can go in before that to have the doctor look at it and let me know what she thinks.

I decided to hit the gym for the other hour of walking that I was supposed to get in. I did something pretty similar to yesterday, I just extended it for a full hour. This was the workout:

8 minutes walking at 4.2 speed, 1.0 incline (0.50 miles)
5 minutes running at 6.0 speed, 1.0 incline (0.50 miles)
30 minutes walking at 4.2 speed, 5.0 incline
10 minutes walking at 4.0 speed, 1.0 incline
7 minutes walking at 3.5 speed, 1.0 incline

The total distance was 4.2 miles. About half-way through I was definitely getting bored, but luckily Jeopardy and Family Feud helped with the boredom. It was sort-of frustrating to be inside because the weather was nicer today, but it is easier to be able to have a consistent speed and not have to worry about other people or the crosswalks. I finished up with some stretches and headed home for a post-workout smoothie. Now it's off to the shower so I can enjoy the rest of my Friday night!

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