Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fair-Weather Triathlete

This morning I woke up to rain and didn't go to the Terrier brick (although I'm not 100% sure that there actually was a Terrier brick). I figured when it was still raining at 5:15 that I wouldn't be happy out there in the rain. Then, I went to work early in the hopes that it wouldn't be raining when I got out of work early. Nope. Torrential downpour on my way home. I'm now declaring myself to be a fair-weather triathlete. I'm also headed to Wisconsin for the weekend with Drew and some other friends. I'm planning on running at least twice while I'm there, so hopefully that will be enough to offset my milking of the excuse "I just did a triathlon."

Next week I will start training for Westchester, I promise.

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