Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This morning I got up for the Terrier run. When I looked at the weather, it said it was 72 out, which seemed okay. The part I didn't see was that it was ridiculously humid out. I decided just to walk to the meeting spot since I was so exhausted I felt like I was sleep-walking. I actually felt like I shouldn't be operating any heavy machinery (luckily that wasn't an option), but I was so tired that I was a little nervous about my results today.

We had a bit of a smaller group today because so many people were most likely recovering from the NYC Triathlon this past weekend. We did our normal strides workout to start. We did 16 strides total (12 long and 4 short), which is a total of about 0.56 miles. It didn't take long before I was sweating up a storm. I literally felt like we were swimming through the air it was so humid. We finished up the strides and headed over to the starting place ("S"), which is 1.2 miles.

The run over there was when I started to realize that I might not be cut out for all of this humidity stuff and if it's like that at Westchester, then I'm going to be really worried for myself. I know it takes time to get used to it, but I was not very comfortable running today. Once we got to the starting spot, we were broken up into groups based on what sort of race we are training for. The Olympic group was supposed to do 3 x 880, recover for 2 minutes, jog back half-way and then finish running for the last 440 (total 3 miles).

I hated the running today. I did the first one there and back okay. One thing that is hard for me is that there isn't much difference (if any) between my jogging and running pace, so I just plod along at my regular pace the entire time. Once I got half-way through the second set and was doing the 2:00 recovery, I was thinking that I could just do this one and go home. I was really ready to quit and give up. Drew has been asking me recently to rate myself on a scale of 1 to 100 on where I am about signing up for the Ironman Switzerland. I've been hovering somewhere just above 50 for the past few days. Today, while running, I was at a 15. I was thinking that if I can't do these short runs in humid weather, I'm not sure why I would ever think that I'm cut out to run a marathon in August after doing the other two legs of the triathlon.

I did do a little bit of walking today, just to try to cool down a little bit and prevent myself from overheating, but I finished the workout running and I was so incredibly proud that I didn't give up on the workout or myself. (And it also made me think that maybe I'm not too crazy for thinking about the Ironman since I didn't give up).

In total, the running (not including strides) was 4.2 miles today, which I did in 39:39 (9:26 pace). I'm really happy with that pace considering the fact that I was tired, sweaty, and mostly miserable while running and I even took a few walking breaks in there.

I walked home and made myself a smoothie right away. Drew was at the gym and I tried to hold out and wait for him to get home, but I couldn't do it. I would have made him a smoothie and saved it for him, but I really only know how to make one size and then there wouldn't have been enough for either of us to be full. He seemed a little miffed when he got home that I had already had my smoothie, but he got over it pretty quickly, I think!

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  1. Ick, I hate running when it's humid. It's probably going to be like that for my race too. :(