Monday, July 13, 2009

It's No Fun With A Dancer

This morning I met Nicole for a pilates lesson. Unfortunately, Laura is ill after our excursion to Coney Island so she couldn't be there this morning. I'm actually a little nervous about the fact that she got sick and I'm hoping that I'm A-OK and didn't swallow some yucky stuff myself. Because Laura wasn't able to join us, Nicole's friend Cara came instead.

We started out the lesson on the reformer doing some of the beginner basics. When we got to the Tree exercise, I looked over and just had to laugh. Tree requires you to lift up one leg, while the other leg is hooked into a strap. You then tuck your pelvis and lean backwards a bit. And then you crawl your arms down and up the tree (made by the leg that is lifted in the air) by using your ab muscles to pull you back up. Cara, like Nicole, is a dancer, which means that she's got crazy flexibility. When I do tree, my leg is out at least at a 45 degree angle. Cara's leg, on the other hand, was straight up and down in the air. When Cara crawled down the tree, she was so far down, she was in the well behind the reformer carriage. I just looked over and said, "It's no fun to do this with a dancer." There were definitely a few other times where her flexibility was extremely noticeable and made me sad for my own pathetic flexibility.

I will say that I was a little bit happy when Cara yelled out, "I hate you" to Nicole, which made me feel like it wasn't all fun and games for her either. I've actually missed doing pilates the last couple weeks. I'm glad that it'll finally work out that I'll be able to do it for two weeks in a row.

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