Friday, July 10, 2009

The Friendly Park

This morning Drew and I got up early to head over to Central Park for a run. He is still fighting off this cold, so I did feel a little bit bad dragging him along with me. We walked to the park as a warm-up and as we were walking there Drew said, "The park looks so friendly since it's so green." I started thinking about how great it is to be in such an urban area and still have a great park. Thank you Frederick Law Olmstead!

We started out on our run heading north. I was a little bit pressed for time so I wasn't sure how far I could go before having to head back. I knew that Drew's cold would probably keep him from doing the whole run with me, but it was nice to have company part of the time. He ran with me until about 86th Street, where you can cut through on the path to head back downtown. We ran that 1.6 miles in 15:58 (9:58 pace). He then let me go on with the rest of my run and he started walking home.

I ended up going 3.3 miles in 33:09 (10:02 pace). I felt really good while running and I definitely felt like I could have kept running, except that I really had to rush home and get ready for the day because I had to be at an early meeting.

I am feeling a lot better about Westchester now. I went through a bit of a funk after Staten Island but I definitely feel like I'm back in the groove now. I can't really say that I'm looking forward to actually doing this next triathlon, but I am looking forward to saying that I'm an Olympic-distance triathlete, so I think that will help me mentally prepare.

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