Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back With The Group

This morning I got up early so that I could make it to the Terrier group run. I haven't been in quite a while because of the weather and my foot, so it was nice to be able to go for the group workout. I decided again that since I'm just starting to get back to outdoor running, I should go easy and not overdo it like I have in the past. I think I'm starting to sound like a broken record on this going easy stuff, but I'm hoping that maybe next week I can give it a shot to go a bit further.

Anyhow, I walked from my apartment to the entrance of the park and then jogged to the meeting spot (0.72 miles). At 6:00 when the workout is supposed to start, there were 5 people there, including me. Once we started the workout several more people had gotten there and it ended up being about 25 people. The weather this morning is also a bit cooler than it has been recently. It was about 55 when I left my apartment but the wind was blowing quite strongly, so I'm sure that made it more like 45. I was a little chilly walking to the park, but once I started jogging, I felt much better.

We did several stride drills and this time I remembered to keep track of how many back and forth lengths we did so that I could figure out the exact distance. Turns out we did 0.54 miles in drills this morning. Then we were supposed to do a group 'hammer run'. This would have consisted of 9 lengths, where every third length you were supposed to "drop the hammer" and run hard (about 95% effort). The rest of the lengths were supposed to be about 85% effort.

However, because of everything, I decided that I would run with the group to the starting point and then just head home since they were running my way. I had kept track of the time spent running this morning (not including the drills) and knew by the amount of time that I had probably reached about the max that I should do for the day.

The total distance the I ran was 2.03 miles, including the drills. The distance not including the drills was 1.49 miles, which I ran in 15:12 (10:12 pace). I am really hoping that next week I can feel ready to give more of the group workout a shot and also be at the point where I won't re-injure myself.

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