Friday, May 8, 2009

Lunch-Time Workouts

This has not been my best week ever. Work has been a little bit crazy/frustrating and combining that with my foot frustration, I think I'm just a little off my game workout-wise (and slacking in the blogging department as well).

Yesterday I had set myself up for what turned out to be a disappointment. I went to the gym at lunch, which was really nice. I just did 30 minutes on the cardio bike. The cardio bikes at the gym by work are different than the ones that I've been using the rest of this week. Mostly, I mean that they are a lot harder than the other ones. I switched levels a lot - between levels 8 and 12 - and went 8.05 miles in my 30 minutes (16.1 MPH average).

I had planned on going to yoga after work and using another coupon from the yoga book. I had asked Nicole if she would want to come with me, so we decided to use a coupon that was good for you and a guest. We got there about 15 minutes before the class and no one was there, which was a little odd to us. When the teacher arrived a couple minutes later and we told her about the coupon, she said that the studio didn't honor those coupons and that they've been in arguments with the people who distribute the book to try to get their studio taken out. We could have stayed and paid for the class, but I really thought that defeated the whole purpose of using these yoga coupons. I was a little frustrated about the studio not honoring the coupon and the fact that the teacher wouldn't just let us take the class anyway. Oh well.

After that, I went home and pretty much went right to bed. I think I was asleep right around 8:30 last night. As a result of falling asleep so early, I didn't set my alarm for this morning. Which meant that I didn't make it to the pool to get in a swim. And, since I forgot that I have a date tonight with Nicole to go to dinner and a movie, I won't be getting a workout in after work either. Of course, today is the first day that it hasn't been raining, so I definitely could have gone for a nice bike ride this morning, but my body had a different agenda for me.

Luckily, today will not be a total loss. Nicole has been teaching a pilates mat class to one of our co-workers at lunch on Fridays, so I am going to join them this afternoon. The other good news is that I am no longer limping around and I can actually walk like a normal human being now. My heel definitely is still uncomfortable, but I can tell it's getting better. I'm still not going to rush back into running, since I'm hoping that I learned my lesson last time.

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  1. Ugh, this week has been rough for me too! I think the weather has a lot to do with it. Sorry you didn't get to do the yoga! I can't believe they wouldn't honor the coupon.