Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Quick Spin

This morning I spent being rather lazy and watching really bad reality TV. That meant that I sort-of had to hurry and rush around a bit this afternoon as I had to get to the grocery and pet stores and fit in a visit to the gym all before heading off to an evening BBQ!

It rained this morning and by the time I got my act together the weather was actually looking a lot better. I realized that would also mean that the park would most likely be packed with people enjoying the weather. So, I decided to forgo a real bike ride for a spin bike.

I headed to the gym and spent at least 5 minutes getting off the bike, adjusting the seat, getting back on the bike, getting off the bike, adjusting the seat, etc. I don't know why I find it so hard to get in the right spot on those bikes. I also still find the seats to be extremely uncomfortable compared to my actual bike. I spent a sweat-filled 25 minutes on the bike. I played around a bit with the resistance while I was spinning, but mostly kept it somewhere comfortably in the middle and just worked on smooth pedaling.

Sorry for the short post but, I have to hit the showers so I can get to the BBQ only fashionably late and not inexcusably late!

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