Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Very Nice Pool

This morning I got up early and met Laura for a swim. This was crazy on Laura's part because she's currently in-between jobs and doesn't have to get up early for any reason. Although, I'm really glad that she did because I really needed to get myself back into the water. It's been a week and a half since the last time I went swimming!

We met at the Jewish Community Center on Amsterdam at 76th Street. What a nice pool! It's on the 6th floor and the sun was shining in the pool, which made it all the nicer. The rest of the facilities were also really nice (and I was impressed with the fact that they had hair dryers, make-up mirrors and the apple scented shower gel!). We get one more visit to this pool with our Fitness Book coupons, which Laura said that we should save for a special occasion and I can't really disagree with her. Oh! And most importantly, this pool was 25 meters long, which made it a lot better for doing a long swim.

I will say that after the first 150 meters, I was remembering why it's important to train in all 3 sports rather evenly because I was getting a little tired. However, I think it was mostly mind over matter because I then got back into the groove of things. I did the sprint distance (0.3 miles) in 10:16, which I was fairly happy with. I wasn't pushing myself at all, just a nice easy swim. I ended up swimming 0.93 miles (1500 meters) in 32:31. I'm also fairly happy with that time for the Olympic distance.

All in all, it was a really good workout and I was reminded again how nice it is to have someone to meet at the gym and force me out of bed.

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