Sunday, May 3, 2009

This Is Your Defining Moment

This morning I woke up a little bit sore from yesterday's run. Not horrible, but I could definitely tell that my legs were a little bit tired. Which is why I was glad that today I had swimming with the Terriers. I was realizing on my way home from the workout that I like the swimming the most because I am the most confident. I'm hoping that that changes as I get better at running and biking.

I thought today's workout was really pretty easy. There were a lot of people at the practice and I think when we started there were 7 people in my lane, so it was pretty crowded. That meant that we didn't do a really long set, but several shorter sets.

This was the workout:

300 warm-up
6x50 drills (0:15 RI)
16x100 main workout (0:15 RI)
4x25 sprints (0:45 RI)
100 cool-down

2400 yards total in approximately 58 minutes (1.36 miles)

The first set of drills was we could choose any drill we wanted for the first 25 and then we were supposed to swim back. I mostly chose to alternate between using just my left arm and just my right arm since I know that I'm weaker in that when we are assigned that drill previously.

The main workout was broken down into 4-400s. It was similar to last week where we took the 4 fastest people in our lane and went from slowest to fastest and we each led for 400. We had a 15 second RI once the 4th person touched the wall after each 100. Of course, we were also supposed to get progressively faster with each 100.

When it was my turn to lead the group, on my last 100 of leading the coach (Megan) looked at me and said "This is your defining moment. Show us how fast you can go and what you've got left." I find that I generally choke under pressure, but I felt like I really pushed myself, especially on the last 50 (I really wanted to make sure I didn't start out too strong) and was really proud. I wish that I had timed myself and since I'm still not wearing contacts every day, I can't see the pace clock perfectly either.

We finished up the workout with 4-25s: 1st 25 was easy to fast, 2nd was fast to easy, 3rd was easy and 4th was all out. And then it was time for a cool-down. When we got to the end of the workout, I definitely felt like I had had a good workout, but I also felt like because of the pool being crowded, it wasn't as hard as it could have been.

I really like the coach. She's really encouraging and helps me push myself a little bit more than I normally would. I would probably be more likely to hang back a bit and she is really encouraging to make sure we're all right on top of each other and "tickling toes".

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