Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A First ... And Some Good News!

This morning I woke up and remembered that I had copied Susan and made myself a breakfast cookie last night for the morning. I would say that mine turned out okay ... not fantastic. To be fair, I didn't use her exact recipe and I didn't have any of the fun extras (chocolate chips or coconut) that she had, so I can understand why mine was a little bit bland. I'm not giving up on this and will definitely try again.

After eating my cookie, I decided to play hookey from work again (and also skipped the Terrier run). I know, I know, this makes me a bad person, but it just seemed like a fantastic idea. I really don't feel too badly about it. I'm not looking forward to going back tomorrow, but at least it's only a 3-day week left and next week will be short as well because of Memorial Day, so that's really something to look forward to.

While I was spending my afternoon lounging about, I got a call from the doctor's office that my new orthotics were finally back from being fixed! I was able to get an appointment this afternoon to go and pick them up, so I'm really very happy about that.

The weather today was much more agreeable than yesterday's weather, so I had been thinking of going for a nice long bike ride, but once I got the news about the orthotics, I knew I had to also get some running in to test them out. I decided that I would do a brick for the first time! I don't know if it really counts if I did it at the gym rather than outside, but I biked and then I ran, so I think it's still a brick.

I started out on the spinning bike and I decided that I would wear my new Terrier shorts from Drew to test them out. They're fantastic! I still don't like the seats on the spin bikes, but wearing my new shorts made it all a little bit better. I don't know the mileage that I did since the spin bikes don't have a computer, but I "rode" for 25 minutes. In real life, I think that would get me about 6 miles, so I'm just going to use that as an estimate. I kept the spin bike somewhere in the medium-hard levels and tried to keep my cadence up and consistent the entire time. There was a spinning class coming in, so I had to get off and head over to the treadmills.

I got on and started running right away. After reading so much about the feeling of jell-o legs, I had really expected it to be quite hard and for me to feel really wobbly. I don't know that my legs felt like jell-o, but it didn't take very long for my feet to be quite heavy. Even though I used my new running shoes and my new orthotics, I didn't want to push things too much and get injured again, so I oped to just run for a mile. I did the first 0.60 at 6.5 speed and the remaining part at 6.0 speed. For the very end (the last 0.04 miles) I bumped it up to 7.0 for a little sprint to end things. I finished the mile in 9:30. I then walked for the next 10 minutes. In total, I spent 19:55 on the treadmill and went a total distance of 1.70 miles.

The good news is that I didn't have any of the same sliding that I had before with the orthotics. They feel like they're really snug in my shoes now. Whew! That would have been quite annoying if this hadn't worked out this time. I am feeling a little more confident about this sprint that I have coming up at the end of June than I was yesterday. I know that I'll still be challenged by the race, but now I know that I can move from the bike to the run and survive, which seems like a huge first step.

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  1. Congrats on your first brick! Of course it counts even though it was inside!