Saturday, May 9, 2009

Didn't Want To Get Wet, So I Went Swimming

This morning I woke up early in the hopes that Drew and I could meet for a bike ride in the park. Unfortunately, it had started raining around 4 AM and although it wasn't raining at 6:15, it was still really wet outside. After that plan fell through, I went back to bed for a few hours and enjoyed not having to get up for any particular reason - working out or work.

When I really woke up around 10, I laid in bed and listened to the radio to decide if I thought I could chance going for a ride. Although it still wasn't raining, it's mighty humid out there and it felt as though it could just burst out in a rain storm at any second. I realized that I didn't really like my odds and I really didn't like the thought of biking in the rain, so I decided to go for a swim instead.

When I got to the gym, there was a lane open, so I had that to myself for the majority of the workout. I had printed out the suggested workout from Terrier, but of course, I left that at home so I just did the best that I could to remember it.

I did a quick warm-up, followed by a lot of one-arm drills and kicking drills. The entire triathlon distance I managed to finish in 30:14, which included the time spent on the drills, so I'm really happy with that time. I did a cool down and the entire workout was 1.02 miles, which I completed in 34:45.

I know that I keep complaining about the swimming situation at my gym's pool, but I'd just like to complain (at least) one more time for good measure. When I was just past the mid-way point of my workout, another girl got into my lane. She started out by doing her leisurely breast stroke right down the middle of the lane. I came up behind her and sort-of purposely ran into her so that she'd hopefully get the point and stick to her side of the lane. Obviously, that wasn't effective because a few lengths later, she's doing backstroke and coming right for me. I had to stop, stand up, and stop her so that she'd stay to her own side. Is it really so hard to understand? And generally speaking, I'm quite in favor of circle swimming, but I knew after watching this girl go one length of the pool that she was much slower than I was and it might be better to just split the lane so we could each go the speed that was best for us.

Tomorrow is swimming with the Terriers, so at least that'll be a swim where people get it!

**As an update, I just looked at the website and the Terrier swim tomorrow has been canceled for Mother's Day!**

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