Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh, My Aching Shins

I was hoping when I woke up this morning that the weather would cooperate with my grand plans and let me go for a run this morning without having to get rained on. No such luck. I decided to be wimpy and stay in bed. I did, however, pack a bag so that I could go to the gym during lunch time today.

I hit the treadmill and did my normal 5 minute walking warm-up. I noticed while I was walking that my shins were not very happy with me. I decreased the incline to zero, hoping that would help. The last couple of times where I've had some shin pain while walking on the treadmill, it's gone away once I started running. That didn't happen today. The first mile was okay, not horrible. Once I got past the first mile of running, that's when I had more pain and a mental fight with myself. Half of me said that I should just toughen up and work through this and the other half was asking what was I trying to prove? That I could injure myself further? That's about when I realized that I would be very happy with my mile and a half of running for the day.

This listening to your body stuff isn't as easy as it sounds like it should be. I think part of the problem is that I had wanted to try to increase my mileage today and by doing less I somehow felt like I was taking a step backwards. The other (similar) problem is that according to my training plan, I was supposed to run for 35 minutes today and I only lasted for a total of 21, including the walking.

The silver lining in all of this? I ran my mile and a half in 13:15 or an 8:50 pace! Way to go me! Including the walking, I did 2.0 miles in 21 minutes, which is a 10:30 pace. Still not so bad.

I found a restorative yoga class that I'm going to go to after work today. I'm hoping that will sort-of renew my energy and help me get in some good workouts this weekend.

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