Monday, May 11, 2009

Why Would You Hate Those?

This morning Drew and I met Nicole for Drew's first pilates class. We started out on the mat just to get Drew used to some of the exercises. After doing a bit of a warm-up, we did the roll-ups. I hate them. I think something about the shape of my body doesn't really allow me to roll back up very easily. Nicole happened to mention that I don't like them and of course, Drew had to go and show off and do them very easily. He then looked at me and asked, "Why would you hate those?" She explained that the shape of his body makes it a lot easier for him than for me.

We then moved over to the reformer and did several exercises there, including a new intermediate exercise Nicole learned in her most recent class. I'm a little worried that more and more of these intermediate moves will creep into our sessions together, but I'm sure that it'll be good for me.

So, I'm firmly of the belief that Drew cheated during the class. I don't think he really kept his abs tight the whole time. In fact, I know he didn't because he told me so. At the end of class he said that he didn't really consider that to be work, at which point I knew that something must have gone awry. Mostly because I think my abs are stronger than his and if mine were tired from the class and he felt just fine ... something was amiss.

I'm really hoping that he gives it another shot and comes back with me.

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