Tuesday, March 24, 2009

28 Is Cold

Yesterday I exercised the option of having a day off. No strength work-out, no yoga, nothing. I had brought stuff with me to work so that I could have gone to the gym during lunch, but I was just not feeling it and decided that I would just take the whole day off. I felt sort-of bad about it (like I was cheating) but it was also nice to just have a bit of a rest.

Today was the big running day with Terrier. Getting up at 5:10 was not my favorite and when weather.com said it was 28 but felt like 23 I really didn't want to leave the bed. However, I got all dressed and brushed my teeth and then I felt like I had to just go and see what it was like. Laura was right about the extra layer, which I definitely needed on the way to and from the park. I did end up getting a little warm while I was running, but I just unzipped my sweatshirt and was fine. The workout was really good. There were a lot of drills in the beginning, which Matt had told me about before. He had said that there would be skipping (and there was) but it wasn't nearly as much fun as it sounded, mostly because we had to clap our hands under our legs on every skip. The drills lasted about 20 minutes and then we all started the group run. The coach had told me when we started that I should just do a nice and easy run and not do the speed work that the group was doing. I was fine with that decision since my right quad is still bothering me a little bit and seems to feel just fine when I'm jogging but gets more aggravated when sprinting. So, the group set out on their run (either 4 or 6 miles depending on the group). I only ran for 20 minutes in the park and then walked back to Drew's. The run that I did in the park (according to Google pedometer) was 1.88 miles, so I feel pretty good with that number. I'm sure that I could have run faster, but not too bad for my first time out. I was glad that all the running was at your own pace so I wasn't holding anyone back and no one was waiting for me to catch up so I was able to just plod along by myself. I think that this will all be a lot better when there are not so many clothes involved, so hopefully the weather finally catches on and becomes spring!

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