Sunday, March 8, 2009

Washington, Lincoln & The Capitol

This weekend in D.C. was fantastic! A chance to take in some sights, catch up with friends and even get in a good workout!

Saturday we spent being tourists and walking around museums and the Mall, so not exactly a "real" workout, but also not a day of being a couch potato either.

Sunday morning we got up early and had planned on going on a 2 mile loop from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Monument. We jogged to Lincoln in just under 11 minutes. We climbed up the steps (Drew showed off his skills from the Rockefeller Center climb) and said hello to the man from Illinois. Climbing down, we decided to do a couple of intervals back toward Washington. We ended up doing intervals the entire way. Once we got to Washington, we took a walk around the Monument and then did a sprint around. I finished mine in 47 seconds. Considering I had guessed it would take me 2 minutes, I was pretty happy with my time. Drew said he wasn't ready to go back to the hotel, so we decided to head toward the Capitol. We jogged more than half-way there (I'd guess maybe 0.6 or 0.7 miles) and walked the rest of the way there. When we got there Drew wanted to climb up those steps, but the 4 visible armed guards were a bit of a deterrent. We then headed back to Washington doing a variety of intervals - jogging, sprinting, karaoke and walking. All in all it was a 4 mile loop and it was all fun! Incredible! It all ended with a hot shower and a tasty picnic in Barack's back yard.

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