Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Did They Fit?

This morning I got up early and went to the gym with Drew. I did a 20 minute run/walk interval workout on the treadmill. The runs were at 8.0 and the walks at 4.0 with a 5 minute walking warm-up and 5 minute cool-down. The total distance was 1.75 miles.

Then I went to meet Laura in the pool for a swim. This was the first day that the pool was open in about a week. It was also the big goggle test. The pool was good. I thought the temperature was fine (Laura would disagree). The only issue with the pool is that it's not clear yet. Although in the scheme of things, that's probably okay since I'm just guessing neither of the triathlons will have clear water either. The goggles were fantastic! I'm glad to finally have a pair that don't leak. I'm just hoping that they'll stay this way for the next few months. I've never had such trouble with goggles before. I can't believe it. I swam for 40 minutes and did 100 laps (and incidentally I found it easier to count than to recite the alphabet). That 100 laps = 1.02 miles! Although I'll need to shave some time off of that for the triathlons, I wasn't pushing myself at all today, it was just a nice easy swim and I felt fine getting out of the water, so I have a little bit more confidence about triathlon swimming after this morning.

The bad news that I got today was that I will still be sporting my glasses for a while at the gym. I did get some trial one day contacts from the eye doctor, but I'm going to save them for vacation.

On the up side, I did get my new watch today. It has a 50 lap counter, which probably won't be enough for the pool if I keep swimming as much as I did today, but it will be nice to not have to think of it myself.

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