Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Made A Training Decision

The big news from yesterday is that I signed up with the Terrier Triathlon Club! I decided that I think that this will be the way for me to get the best bang for my buck. It's a year-long triathlon training club and they have group workouts 4 or 5 times a week. Most of the workouts during the week are in the morning, which is really nice because even if I did go back to working more hours at my day job, I'd still be able to make it to these Terrier workouts. I'm still not sure about all the details - I have to call them back today and talk more, but I'm really happy with this choice and am sure that I will have a great time getting to know some new people and it's nice that it's not race-specific so there is a potential to know some of these people for quite a long time.

This morning I got up early again to go to the gym with Drew. I had an optional strength workout and a run to do. I was supposed to ride the stationary bike for five minutes before doing the strength workout, which I think would have been a good idea, but the second I sat down on the bike my body wasn't very happy about the sitting part, so I just decided to do a couple of stretches to warm up my muscles and then go ahead with the workout. Drew thinks it's boring that I have to keep doing the same lifts, but it doesn't really bother me. The best thing is that they have fixed the seated row machine at my gym, so I won't have to do any of the 'stick your butt in the air' alternatives that he showed to me.

The run today was supposed to be a 20 minute strides workout where I sprint for 20 seconds and see how many strides I take in those 20 seconds. I started out with 7 minutes alternating walking and running and then started on the sprinting. I think I did 3 of the sprints before my right quad started bothering me again, so I slowed down and walked for 3 minutes. After that I decided that I wouldn't push myself too hard as I don't want to hurt anything so I just did some jogging for 3 minutes. Then I walked for 2 minutes and ran for 3 minutes again. I cooled down with a 3 minute walk. All in all I was on the treadmill for 25 minutes and went 2.2 miles.

I finished up with a lot of stretching and my crunches for the day. This getting up early in the morning stuff is making me really tired at night. Not too surprising, but it is weird to me to be sleepy at 9:30 or 10 instead of much later.

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  1. Sleepy at 9:30 or 10? Welcome to my world! Try 7:30!

    Keep up the good work, Amy. I believe in you.