Monday, March 16, 2009

I Bought New Goggles

Tonight on my way to yoga I stopped at Sports Authority and tried on almost every pair of goggles that they had there that looked like they would fit my face better. I think I found a pair that will work out - although tomorrow morning will be the test in the water (as well as a test of the water as the pool re-opens tomorrow).

This morning Drew slept in, so I did too and opted not to do the optional strength workout at the gym today. Instead, I went to Yoga after work at Yoga Effects. This was the same class I went to two weeks ago where I wasn't that happy with the class (the room was cold and I didn't love the class). Today we had the same teacher (Sam) and she was much better today and the room was a really comfortable temperature. I also felt a lot better doing yoga today than I did last Thursday. My legs were able to hold the poses - although to be fair we didn't do nearly as many warrior poses as we did last week. I also felt like I was back to my pre-triathlon training flexibility, which was nice.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to go running (on the treadmill) and then meet Laura for a swim. She did give me four words to remember when I think that the NYC Tri is better or cooler than other triathlons: mouthfuls of Hudson River.

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