Sunday, March 22, 2009

Swimming with Terriers

Well, today was my first Terrier workout. I went to the intermediate group swim and swam in one of the fast lanes. There was definitely a big turn out of people - about 30 people. Unfortunately, the coach was not one of those people. Luckily one of the other group members came up with a workout for us to do, which was nice of him. I couldn't read the board (no contacts) so I just tried to follow the people in front of me as best I could. I did ask one of the guys in my lane, but he ignored me, so that wasn't very helpful. I was able to keep up with the lane that I was swimming with, so I felt good about that. I think that I am probably right to stay in the intermediate group for now. Although I sort-of hope that in a few months I am stronger in the water than I am now and could possibly move up. We swam for an hour and did 2800 yards (1.59 miles), so I'm definitely happy with that work-out. I'm still nervous for Tuesday morning, but at least I have the first group work-out under my belt.

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