Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Spinning Bike is Sweaty!

This morning I got up early and went to the gym with Drew. Today's workout was biking and there was a spinning class that started at 7 and I wanted to be able to use the bike before the class started. I'm still frustrated that you can't be sure of your distance or speed on the spinning bike, but I'm now looking forward to my real bike even more since I did get a small computer that keeps track of distance, cadence and speed. I also find the spinning bike seats to be extremely uncomfortable! All that aside, I was supposed to ride for 40 minutes. I was able to ride on the spinning bikes for 30 minutes before the room really starting filling up and then I moved over to the cardio bike (much better seat but the foot straps can't compare) for the last ten minutes. In the 10 minute cool-down on the cardio bike, I went 2.75 miles, so I'm sure that it's more than fair to assume that I went a total distance of 10-12 miles today. That's just a guess based on my prior bike experiences at the gym, but I think it is a fair estimate.

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