Monday, March 30, 2009

Swimming at Night is NOT Recommended

Yesterday I didn't make it to the group Terrier swim because I decided that watching MSU getting to the Final Four (!!!) was more important! I'm very glad that they won because otherwise I would have been really upset for missing the swim. As it was, after the game, I was just not in the mood to go to the gym and decided to keep watching basketball. That's sort-of athletic, right?

This morning I slept in and so I went swimming after work today. If I ever feel like I want to sleep in and go swimming at night, I hope that I remember today as it was horrible. The pool was really crowded and people would only swim on one side of the lane so that only 2 people could be in each lane. Why isn't circle swimming the law? I didn't have a reservation but when I got there the lifeguard told me to swim in one of the reservation lanes. I had been swimming for 27 minutes and another lifeguard told me that I had to get out because there was someone with a reservation that was supposed to use the lane. I argued and said that I wouldn't get out until I had been swimming for 30 minutes. I thought that my argument was fair. The second lifeguard said that I should have been told that it was a reservation lane. I was told that (and of course, I already knew that) but if they're going to enforce this so strictly, why didn't they tell any of the other 3 people swimming in "reservation" lanes to get out? Also, the people in one of the outside lanes had been there for longer than me, so if it's similar to the cardio equipment and we all get a 30-minute time limit, shouldn't one of them had to get out? I sort-of didn't really care what the lifeguard said because I knew he wasn't going to get in the pool and drag me out and even if he asked me what my name was there was no way that I would tell him. If there are going to be strict rules about reservations, etc., then they should post rules (and there are no posted rules).

Anyway, I did use my new watch in the pool today and it worked just fine. I wanted to use the lap function and I just counted to 10 and then counted that as a lap so that I didn't have to press the button each time. I actually liked just counting myself more than using the lap button. Although I did like having the watch on to know exactly how long I had been in the pool.

In total, I swam 90 laps (.92 miles). I think that's almost exactly the triathlon distance. I feel pretty good with that time although of course open water will be different.

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