Saturday, March 21, 2009

65 Minutes On The Treadmill

I did it! I didn't run the entire way, but I am extremely proud of myself and I'm feeling much better about Tuesday morning and the big run with the Club. I did a 5 minute walking warm-up and then covered up the control panel with my towel and just started running at 6.0 (1.0 incline).

I made it to 35 minutes (or 30 minutes running) without stopping at all. I think the running mileage was somewhere around 2.8 in my 30 minutes. I will say that getting to that point made me realize that I will be able to do this sprint triathlon, so that was enough to keep me motivated. I did take a little mini break and walked for 90 seconds and had a sip of water. I then bumped the speed back up to 5.6 and kept on running. I did take two more mini breaks of 60 seconds walking, but I was able to run the last 8 minutes without stopping at 5.5.

After I got to 60 minutes, I did the 5 minute cool down at 3.5 and then was off to do some stretching. My total mileage was 5.65 miles, but I think it's probably a reasonable assumption that I only ran about 4.5 since there is about 13 minutes of walking included in that mileage. Either way, I now know that I am capable of hanging in there for an hour and although I might be the slowest person on Tuesday, I will be able to do it. I'm still worried about a lot of things for Tuesday morning, but just having this little bit of confidence is going to go a long way. I also think it will be easier to motivate myself to keep going when other people are there.

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