Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm Now Fully Committed

I bought a bicycle! It's a Specialized Dolce. The color is grey and it's got some white embellishments on it. Everyone else at the bike store was very concerned about the color, so I feel obligated to mention it here. I got it at Toga and Matt was nice enough to come and help with the whole process. I also got a helmet and various other bike accessories that I will apparently need. It really made me realize that I've got a lot to learn. The bike comes with toe clips, so I'm going to worry about bike shoes and clipless pedals later on. It'll take about a week for the bike to come in, so I'm just trying to be patient until then. I'm also hoping that we'll get some nice weather after that so I can go for some rides.

After the bike store, Drew and I went to get some lunch and we happened to over hear a girl at the table behind us talking about training for a triathlon. I talked to her for a minute and she's doing the NYC triathlon. Sometimes I feel like my two triathlons aren't as trendy or cool as the NYC tri, but as Drew pointed out, the swimming at Westchester will likely be a lot harder.

Today Drew and I went to the gym and Eric met us there (he got a 2 week pass to NYSC to go with Drew while he's staying with me). I had a run to do. This was a new one that I hadn't done before. I did a 5 minute walking warm-up and then alternated running for a minute (at 7.0) with walking for 30 seconds. I did those intervals for 19 minutes total and finished up with a 6 minute walking cool down. The total distance in 30 minutes was 2.63 miles.

I finished up with a long stetching session. My right quad is still really tired/tight from Saturday and now my left one is feeling pretty similar. I'm glad that tomorrow is just lifting and no cardio. I'm also hoping to make it to yoga after work tomorrow. I'm not sure that yoga will help my quads get any rest, but it will feel more restful than running or biking, I'm sure.

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